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Services and Programs Offered

Here at the farm we meet participants where they are at, allowing them and the

animals to make each session a meaningful experience. 

Please let us know which service or program you are interested in and whom they are for (yourself or a family member). Together we will talk about your goals and what outcomes you hope to get out of this experience. 


We have scholarships available, so do not let the price hold you back from accessing this life transformative experience. Please contact us via email (


Unbridled Spirit 7 is a farm that offers Equine/Animal Assisted Learning. We provide a variety of activities with our animals to build a relationship and connection, yet work mainly alongside horses.

Participants may have the opportunity to sit on or ride a horse, however, riding is not the goal of our programs. 


Individual Programming

  • Create a deep connection with a horse or other animal partner who offers honest gentle reflection while developing mutual trust. 

  • Cultivate self awareness and increase respect for self and others. 

  • Discover the leader within. 

  • Process challenges with the support of a horse and facilitator by your side. 

  • Individual sessions are directed toward whatever the individual is needing support with that day or week.


Family Programming 

  • Explore family dynamics over the course of one or many sessions. 

  • Improve communication, learn what our family members needs are. 

  • Set goals as a family, create pathways and call out obstacles that happen in real life. Practice overcoming obstacles as a family with the support of a horse. Reflection allows you to take away concrete lessons and goals. 

  • Enjoy family fun together.



  • We offer team and/ or leadership building sessions. Together we brainstorm and plan out goals for your group.

  • We facilitate teacher rest and renew retreats as well as non profit workshops/retreats. 

  • To discuss the various options please email


School Groups (including animal trips to the school or school retreats)

  • Connect with a horse and class mates, learn new things about each others lives outside of school. 

  • Learn how to walk, groom and lead a horse while at the same time, practicing leadership, communication and empowerment

  • Discover you can be successful at school too!. 


Energy Clearing with the Horses 

Immerse yourself in the tranquility of the farm and connect with the gentle energy of horses during an Energy Clearing Session at our farm. This unique experience offers a profound opportunity to release negative emotions, clear stagnant energy, and reconnect with your inner peace

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