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I was more than a case or statistic, more than a suicidal teen. Sonja and the horses saw me for me.


Every time we visit Unbridled Spirit we leave in a better mood. Something that we may not have even realized was bothering us, surfaced and we were able to work it out as a family. The horses have a real way of ratting you out! This is a blessing as it really helps you discover things that are going on and how you can move forward. They have a way of knowing just what you need. It has been such a blessing for my family.

Sheri M.

Working at the farm has taught me how to find little miracles, how to trust people and animals to know what needs to happen, that the best lessons can be unexpected, and that things don't need to be perfect to be wonderful.


“ Regular therapy is about the brain. This is about your heart.”

Sue Swank

“This farm is a safe haven for people of other lands.”
(referring to the people working and volunteering here at Windy Acres Farm of African, Native American , Hispanic, Indian, Chinese, Lebanese and herself, Puerto Rican, ancestry/blood)

Rachel Rodriguez

"The kids both had really hard weeks this past week...I'm really grateful for our time together with you and the's really a gift for us to have that focused time as a family."

Mother of Children in our Program

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