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Mission, Vision and Values

Unbridled Spirit provides an emotionally safe environment, which invites growth to explore and re-imagine your own narrative. We invite you to work through difficult emotions in the horse's heart space. Explore your inner wisdom and celebrate small successes together with your team. 


Our goal for each participant receiving services is to restore hope and resilience and empower them to see their own light, which will help them on their journey to emotional wellness. 


To empower social-emotional wellness and human connection through equine experiential learning and other innovative methods. 

 A compassionate and equitable society where people have an innate sense of belonging, a connection to nature and can achieve mental, spiritual, and social well-being. 



We value kindness, empathy and grace as paramount to all of our interactions.

We also value: Welcoming marginalized people. Empowering people to see their own light. Clear communication, Trust building, Mental wellness, Co-creation and collaboration. Providing a sense of belonging, Inviting diverse experiences and backgrounds of all people, Energy Medicine, Horse Medicine, Inner wisdom, Self-discovery, Mutual self-respect, Connection to spirit, Animals as sentient beings.

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