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Lummi Day Camp 2023

Published by Molly McKenna


Unbridled Spirit hosted their 3rd Lummi Day Camp this year at Windy Acres Farm. We had 8 youth and 3 faculty members from Lummi Nation School District. Camp took place mid July and lasted for 4 days.

Photo Above: Gracie and Mary taking a Day Camp Participant to the pond their last day

At Day Camp our participants and horses had the opportunity to choose each other, then grew their bond each day. Together with their horses they learned how to halter, groom, lead and ride their horses! Volunteers and Staff had an amazing time watching these relationships grow through out the week.

On the last day, Campers got to ride their horses down on a trail to the pond.

We also got to make puppets! These puppets were beautiful incredible creations built by each student.

They created stories about their puppets and had the opportunity to share their creations with the group at the end of the week.

We had an amazing week, we are so grateful to our volunteers and staff for working so hard to put this program on! Thank you so much to Christian for coming to share your puppet magic with us! Thank you to Lummi Nation School for bringing your amazing staff and students to the farm, we loved getting to know you and hope to see you again.

Photo Below: Youth riding Gracie over obstacles!

Photo Above: Obi connecting with a few students.

Photo Above: Christian, Sonja and Hope posing with students and their amazing puppet creations!


Photo Above: Thank you so much to Local Artist Savannah LeCornu! Her beautiful artwork is on the back of our Day Camp Shirts and we absolutely love it!

Photo Above: Rusty and Nadine taking a youth down to the pond!



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