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Northern Heights Elementary School Program

Published by Molly McKenna

This last school year, once a week we had a group of students from Northern Heights come out to our farm for emotional support. These students were hand selected by the school councilor, who also was apart of the program with her students.

These students were 3rd through 5th graders, they created connections with their horses that they picked at the beginning of programming. Every week they built their connections with their mentors and horse, and other animals at the farm, including bunnies, chickens, goats, dog and the llama.

We will miss our friends while they are on summer break, many of these students are invited back to the farm this August for a Horse Day Camp!

Photo to the right :

Rachel and her students are practicing the trust walk. Rachel has a blindfold on while her partner walks her around the farm, making sure that she communicates and keeps Rachel safe. Its a great practice to help youth and children learn about awareness and how to help people close to them. It creates an opportunity to gain trust between the two people participating and brings up more conversation about trust and how we experience and gain trust.

Photo to the left:

Chance and Gracie are enjoying each others company while Gracie is resting.

It is very special when a horse lets you pet them when they are laying down. This was a great practice is understanding trust and how to honor the trust that others give to you. Just as Chance did when she calmly approached Gracie, so that Gracie continued to feel safe.


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